What’s the best way to go about recruiting new Directors?


A trusted executive search consultancy can help an organisation to hire highly skilled and top board members. There is no universally accepted method for hiring the right people to the senior management committee. Each organisation has diverse ways of doing business and different structures. However, it is advisable to use ideas and approaches that have worked perfectly in other organisations.

The reasons behind joining a management committee: The sole purpose of becoming a committee member is expressing the commitment of an individual to drive the noble cause of an organisation. Majority of volunteers in management committees join to support the major objectives or causes of the organisation. Each committee member gains exceptional excitement and satisfaction based on the fact that the organisation stands for a noble cause. Committee members also make a great difference by ensuring that the organisation meets the needs of the community or members. Every organisation also loves to see the development of their team.

Top ideas for recruiting committee members

Public Adverts: Public adverts are very fundamental in reaching the wide audience. Some advertisements are quite expensive like adverts included in a regional newspaper while others are free. Some of the sources that help to reach a higher percentage of the public include:

  • Libraries or community centers
  • Professional journals
  • Local newspapers
  • Online sites advertising various volunteer roles
  • Community newsletters

– Helpful organisations: Some organisations register people for volunteer opportunities free of charge. You just need to visit the opportunities page to advertise and manage the volunteer roles of your organisation. Potential volunteers can search for a role by location and activity and then register for any online opportunity. Other crucial pages include Arts and Business, and Business in the Community.

Talks: Upbeat and brief talks at a professional or community organisation’s meeting provide the perfect opportunity for recruiting new members who can later be appointed to the management committee.

– Raising the organisation’s profile: Working with a reputed executive search consultancy provides the perfect opportunity for raising the profile of your organisation. The consultancy firm may advise you to work with a celebrity patron, participate in volunteer’s week, take part in community news, or impact people through the local radio.

– Open meetings: Open meetings organised by the management committee provide crucial insights into the internal operations of the organisation and its internal operations.

– Special events: Organisations employs various reasons to attract the right people to the management committee. Some methods of attracting the right people to the management committee before the annual selection or election process include:

  • Special or celebrity speakers
  • Anniversary events
  • Evening receptions

– Using local networks: Successful organisations also use their existing contracts with other related and vibrant trade associations, businesses or voluntary organisations to attract competent and experienced committee members.

– Existing organisational membership: Executive search consultancy experts also encourage organisations to build their membership because members elected to the senior management come from the existing membership. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the members come from diverse backgrounds and with different expertise and skills.

Word of mouth: Personal recommendation and word of mouth remain the top methods for recruiting the right members to the management committee. The two methods are important because they ensure the skills and the work of the persons is well known to the senior management committee.

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