Who’s iProp targeted at?
iProp is designed for the professional real estate industry, including brokers, agents, developers, property managemers and landlords.

Why is iProp better?
Our technology allows you to enter listings once and know they are everywhere buyers look. Instead of spending your time entering your listings on a bunch of systems, you can spend it on more productive things.

How long does it take to enter a listing?
For the basic information, about five minutes. Since we can take over 300 different pieces of information, you can enter as much as you want!

Will iProp work with my existing website/hosting?
iProp works with 99.9% of all existing websites and hosting plans, including GoDaddy.

How long does it take to connect iProp to my website?
60 seconds!

How is it priced?
iProp starts at just $49.95 per month, with no contract required and no setup fees.

Do you offer a white label solution for large accounts?